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1. Having fun with my SH101 and a TR8, recorded with a phone…

  • Published: 2015-05-09T15:19:55Z
  • By Alex
Having fun with my SH101 and a TR8, recorded with a phone…

A bit of Saturday spontaneous fun. SH101 and TR-8 messing around. First time in forever, so much fun. Recorded on my phone which is why the quality is so amazing.

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3. Litt3$t Tr4ck 3v3r (feat. Young Sandwich and A Savagebeats)

Litt3$t Tr4ck 3v3r (feat. Young Sandwich and A Savagebeats)

Ravage shythms, and bunky feats

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4. Two Viruses and a TR8 (27march2014)

Two Viruses and a TR8 (27march2014)

Virus "Classic" (B), Virus TI, and Roland TR-8. The Tr-8 is playing Standalone, levels and knobs tweaked on the fly. The Viruses are being controlled via M-Audio 88es controller, while I'm twiddling various knobs on their surfaces. Everything's running through an Audio interface into Ableton Live 9, which is providing any additional reverb and delays, but really acting no more than a virtual mixer at this point.

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7. Pad And A Pen (TR3B Remix)

  • Published: 2016-03-09T04:59:08Z
  • By TR3B
Pad And A Pen (TR3B Remix)

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Took a small break from the album I've been making in order to make something everyone is more familiar with me making; Drum and Bass. Spent the last 4 days working on this new song. Recorded the vocals today to finish it up and then mixed it down. Enjoy! I DARE SAY this is my best DnB song yet. WARNING: Lots of church organs and a whole lot of terror. 180 BPM. (And can somebody say "Boss theme idea for a video game?" )

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10. …and A Cup Of Wine

  • Published: 2013-09-12T00:15:12Z
  • By 1TR
…and A Cup Of Wine

Cortesía de ONE TAKE RECORDS THE KEEPERS. "...and a cup of wine" Excuse me lady, Would you be so kind to share a light? Cuz I've got an addiction to feed. It's been days Since I first saw you walking by, And you probably just know me: As the boy with a cigarette on his hand That spends time nowhere And doesn't give a damn... About anything. Well let me tell you About the dreams I have When i cant sleep at night, When i sart picking up stars To make a wish and get you here, Sometimes it gets so hard to speak, So listen closely, dear: I know im just a boy with a cigarette on his hand right now, but, would you mind come and share a cup with me? And let some wine do the talk As we end up on the floor laughing. I'll make sure You spend the night Tightly wraped between my arms, as if i would never let go. I'll kiss your cheek, sing lullabies, Make you think youre mine, Until the morning comes. Then im never coming home.

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12. Beauty And A Beat (becek)

  • Published: 2013-04-12T10:19:01Z
  • By Mutia_TR
Beauty And A Beat (becek)

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13. 9 and a half weeks

  • Published: 2014-06-14T14:36:35Z
  • By tr0uble07
9 and a half weeks

This Is My Cassette...

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Robert strecker-----guitar and drum machine

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17. TR Tactics - Time Slice

TR Tactics - Time Slice

Like the track? Click the repost button! Follow @addictive-behaviour Cat: ABREC07D Format: Digital Beatport Exc: 6th Oct 2014 Worldwide Release: 20th Oct 2014 1. Time Slice 2. Cone - Beatport → Addictive Store → iTunes: Juno: Boomkat: Digital Tunes: Track It Down: TR Tactics, the producer and DJ duo from Austria, have been storming up a lot of people’s lists of artists to watch in 2014. After releases on Citrus, Disturbed and Dissected Culture, they drop ABREC07 on Addictive Behaviour, their latest and greatest work to date. Addictive are one of the most forward thinking labels out there, always allowing the talent and dedication of their artists to shine through, and Time Slice/Cone is no exception. After their success in the D&B Arena remix competition, and a series of amazing releases, the duo are definitely on the rise. Time Slice starts off as a dark, ominous roller, full of atmosphere and deep level vibes. The beats drop in when you least expect them, charging head long into some very dangerous territory. Switching electronics accompany the drop, where forceful bass comes right at you, shaking the ground with its intensity. A real builder, the amazing lengths the producers have gone to are realised in full when you give this one your full attention. Feel the power of Time Slice as it unfolds around you, reminding you how all of the buzz about TR Tactics is perfectly justified. A seriously essential piece of music. Make sure you grab your copy of Time Slice/Cone, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed. Follow @tr-tactics: Follow @addictive-behaviour

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18. TR Tactics & The Clamps - Topology

TR Tactics & The Clamps - Topology

If you enjoy the tune please like, drop a comment and share ;) ABREC14 A) L 33 - Badman AA) TR Tactics & The Clamps - Topology Digital: Beatport - Addictive Store - Itunes - Vinyl Addictive Store - (Free 320K MP3s included) RedeyeRecords - Juno - Worldwide digital: 18th December Addictive Behaviour finish off a strong year with their final release of 2015, coinciding with the launch of their first label party on the 04th December @ The Qube Project London. Two hefty, break neck neuro monsters recruiting regular label contributor and hotshot producer L33 and the scrupulous engineered and creative production talents of TR Tactics and The Clamps who collaborate on the flip. TR Tactics & The Clamps - TOPOLOGY "As you can see, the multi-dimensional conformal space projection configurator, is capable of projecting test objects, into space of various dimensions and topology." Opening with the eerie spookiness of a crypt, the dark, synth chord progressions lead a path to glassy hats and skeletal shuffling breaks before dropping into unrestrained, bouncing, ratcheting bass fluctuations. Spiralling distorted synth hits and a viciously snappy, spatially dimensioned drum pattern takes you through a porthole to the darkest back channels of DNB. TR TACTICS Follow → @tr-tactics Like Facebook → Follow → THE CLAMPS Listen - @the-clamps Like → Follow → ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOUR Like → Follow → Listen → @addictive-behaviour Look → Official web →

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19. 4 AM - T.R.3 ft. Ariano

4 AM - T.R.3 ft. Ariano

4 AM | @tr3world ft. @arianomusic [Produced by @arianomusic] [Mixed/Mastered by @LDontheCut] Who is T.R.3? Born in Atlanta and Chicago-influenced, he is the founder of IMG and a multi-talented producer and rapper, as well as engineer and videographer. But more importantly he is a true artist. He’s not just trying be different, he’s just being himself. In 2016, he released a powerful solo project, "I'm Awesome, I'm A God, I'm A God Fearing Man." In 2017, he teams up with SoCal hip hop veteran artist and producer, Ariano, to bring you their first single together, “4 AM.” A moody track that takes T.R.3 on journey in the hour between the dead of night and dawning of a new day, through cities that never sleep, asking the questions like "why's love gotta be so hard on this generation?”, because the message is clear - understanding self is the only true understanding. T.R.3 is here and has plenty more to say in 2017. Support and stream "4 AM" featuring Ariano.

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