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1. Charon Asetoyer Live Phoner FR I0.28

Charon Asetoyer Live Phoner FR I0.28

Charon Asetoyer, Executive Director of the Native Women's Health Education Resource Center, in Lake Andes SD, has been supporting the Water Protectors in North Dakota since April 2016. She continues to share her first person accounts of the events in North Dakota. On Thursday October 27 an armed military force invaded the peaceful protectors and arrested 141 people. Charon describes how a sweat lodge ceremony was disrupted and people dragged out by their feet. This phone interview was recorded on friday morning October 28 at 8 AM.

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2. Orlando Shootings -This Is What Hate Is

Orlando Shootings -This Is What Hate Is

This is my personal reaction to waking up to the news of the Orlando shootings. It is a very personal essay, it is about hate in America, it is about needing to respect each other. It is about changing how we use carelessly use words.

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3. PAHS Student Protest 6.7.16

PAHS Student Protest 6.7.16

Today the community of Point Arena witnessed democracy in action when about 80 students walked out class and held a peaceful protest over the firing of one of their favorite teachers, art teacher Whitney Badgett. On this second half of peggy's Place join Peggy and guest Micheline White , Executive Director of the Coastal Seniors, and High School cheerleading coach, as we talk with the student protesters.

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4. Mendonoma Sightings 3.20. 14

Mendonoma Sightings 3.20. 14

Join Jeanne Jackson, author of "Mendonoma Sightings", for her monthly visit to KGUA. Each month we catch up on the local sightings of animals, plants, cetaceans, fungi and more. It's always fun when Jeanne visits and we know that you love hearing her insights into the life around us here in Mendonoma. "Mendonoma" is the nickname for the Northern tip of Sonoma County and the Southern tip of Mendocino County where the Gualala River flows into the Pacific Ocean, a lovely place to live and visit.

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5. Dave Pelzer May 2016 Why So Serious

Dave Pelzer May 2016 Why So Serious

Dave Pelzer is a motivational speaker. His live show is produced the first Friday of each month in the studios of community radio station KGUA FM in Gualala, CA. This month's program, "Why So Serious" will have you grinning!

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6. Charlie Hill Tribute 12.31.13

Charlie Hill Tribute 12.31.13

On this program we honor comedian Charlie Hill, a dear friend, a brother, who walked on on December 30th. On the first half of this show I'm joined by Steve Tokar, head writer of Club Red, a ground breaking radio show starring Charlie Hill. Charlie and Steve wrote many of the skits and sketches from the Club Red radio series. On the second half of Peggy's Place Arigon Starr, actor, singer, performer and creator of "Super Indian", a graphic novel series joins me and shares her experiences working with and knowing Charlie Hill.

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7. Will Landecker Data Scientist

Will Landecker Data Scientist

The term "big data" is becoming ubiquitous, but do we really know what it means? Will Landecker is a data scientist and he really, really, understands the converging world of computers, algorithms, "click-throughs" and data. What does it mean for our present, what about our future? Sit back and listen to someone who is immersed in the working of an ecosystem that we rarely get to see.

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8. Dave Pelzer #1 3.615 00

Dave Pelzer #1 3.615 00

Join New York times best selling author, National Jefferson Award winner, a local volunteer firefighter for an engaging program Pelzer is author of book that has been on the NY times bestseller list for 13 years,"A Child Called It.' Pelzer has put his past behind him and accomplished an incredible number of things. He's got a wry sense of humor, and weaves together life stories and experiences to uplift your life. Join Dave in this premiere episode on KGUA 88.3 FM in Gualala, CA

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9. Dave Pelzer November- Thankful

Dave Pelzer November- Thankful

Dave Pelzer, inspirational speaker shares his views on being thankful at a time of year. For some, this is the beginning of a season that feels more isolating than welcoming and can bring out our cynical sides. Dave Pelzer has fans around he world who enjoy his tips for looking inward to find hope and growth.

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11. Mendonoma Sightings 5.16.13

Mendonoma Sightings 5.16.13

Elephant seals, spotted fawns, The Sea Ranch rookery, osprey, birds ands bees this week with Jeanne Jackson.

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12. Sharon Albert On Sailing, meeting your challenges.

Sharon Albert On Sailing, meeting your challenges.

In this interview we get a vicarious look at sailing. Sharon Albert worked on her dream for several years and challenged herself to learn the skills she needed to "single hand" her boat from Oakland CA, out under the Golden Gate Bridge and on to Half Moon Bay. The sailing, she says, isn't the hard part, it's the planning and docking and facing your fears. Sharon also talks about the America's cups ships and the experiences of seeing them up close. A fun and interesting look inside a sailors mind and a chance to learn about the SF Bay from a sailors view. It's really about the strength of the human spirit.

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13. Eric Wilder Tribal Voting

Eric Wilder Tribal Voting

It was just after Halloween when Eric Wilder came for his monthly visit to Peggy's Place. We began talking about Halloween fun and zombies. As our conversation continued we talked of the upcoming tribal elections for the Kashaya and the Point Arena -Manchester Tribes. They each have different systems for electing officials and we compare and contrasted the styles. We also talked about how important is it to vote in tribal elections.

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14. Ayurvedics in Gualala

Ayurvedics in Gualala

What do you know about Ayurvedic health practices? Victor Brierre and Madison Madden are two of the new ayurvedic practitioners to join our North Coast community. We talked about basics, the body types, the diagnostic process and the ancient philosophy behind this practice. Meeet Victor Brierre and Madison Madden.

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15. Meshekey And Cempoalli 20 1.23.15

Meshekey And Cempoalli 20 1.23.15

A wonderful time with poetry and music from Phillip Meshekey and Cempoailli 20 form LA. It's all abut being Native, walking the Red road, music with a message and fun. We chat and hear two songs from Cempoalli 20 and end the program with a poem from Philip Meshekey.

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16. Jeff Quenzer 4.914

Jeff Quenzer 4.914

Jeff Quenzer left behind a life inLodi to become the Surf Market's Meat and Seafood Manager. He's fallen in love with the coast and doing a great job for Surf. Every week he posts many pictures of the coast showing his love for this environment. Jeff has learned a lot about sustainable seafood products and shares his knowledge with us. Jeff shares a couple of recipes as we get to know Jeff.

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17. Dave Pelzer A New Hope JAN 2016

Dave Pelzer  A New Hope JAN 2016

In this New Year edition of Dave Pelzer's "common sense advice" Dave reflects on the how 2016 is starting. He uses Starwars as a reference to the times we live in. Pelzer discusses, refugees, global violence, climate change and more. How do you cope with all this? Dave has some thoughts for you. Dave Pelzer is produced in the studios of KGUA in Gualala, California.

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18. David Swendig Music

David Swendig Music

David Swendig is not your usual musician, hawking his latest gig. Although he spent his younger days playing with a lot of bands with far-ranging sounds, today his spends his time in his private studio, creating music inspired by the world outside his doors. His latest creation is a CD titled "Caveman". The music is a multi-track mix of vocal and musical arrangements that is easy to get lost in. On this edition of Peggy's Place we meet Dave, listen to his music and talk about his inspirations.

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19. Connie Matz, artist 8.11.14

Connie Matz, artist  8.11.14

Connie Matz loves oil painting, living by the ocean and everything about teaching art. She and her husband have lived in several states, often near either the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. Connie talked about the upcoming Studio Discovery Tour that starts on August 23. Her studio in on the list of places to visit; there you can see her oil paintings. Her eyes gleamed as she shared her thoughts about color and lighting, what she called ,"Opening your eyes". Enjoy.

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20. Eric Wilder - on his art

Eric Wilder - on his art

Eric spoke about his art now showing at the Highway 1 Art Collective Gallery in Point Arena. While being appreciative of his art as part of his Indian culture, he also wants to get into video arts and comics. He talked about how his culture is often pigeon holed and expected to produce things within a limited field ... art that people expect from native Indians.

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