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1. James Fish @ Ascension Gathering - Sunday 400AM

James Fish @ Ascension Gathering - Sunday 400AM

I had a truly wonderful time at the Ascension friends and family campout. Thanks to Nicky, Jesse, Rachel, and all of the other organizers for being so incredibly welcoming - the land and everything on it from its nature to its food to its people were so generous. I see a bright future for the Ascension community and hope to help shape its growth. Tracklist: Jonas Rathsman - Wolfsbane (Extended Mix) Slam - Ghosts of Cirklon (Len Faki Remix) Caractere - Life Drama (Original Mix) Pieter Steijger - Imagine (Original Mix) Art Department - Catch You By Surprise (&Me Terrace Dub) Kurt Baggaley - Former Self (The Drifter Remix) Norman Zube - Matter (Dirty Doering & Sascha Cawa Remix) Kyodai - Palma (Original Mix) Mjutah - Bangkok (Original Mix) Jäger, Fowad Zain Sied - Behind A Smile (Original Mix) Seph - The Mage (Original Mix) Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Lapacha (Mick Rubin’s Deep Mix) Synthetic Epiphany - Stay Around (Original Mix) Chris Colburn - Amante (Original Mix) Madmotormiquel, Nayan Soukie - Black Birds (Original Mix) Recondite - Glint (Original Mix)

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2. hello kodama (james fish @ public Works SF with atish and Hoj - 3.13.2015)

hello kodama (james fish @ public Works SF with atish and Hoj - 3.13.2015)

This is a live mixset recorded from my first gig at SF's Public Works on Friday, March 13th 2015. I had the honor of opening the upstairs Loft space for @atish and @hoj, two DJs I really admire and whose music, mixing, and approach I respected even before I moved to the Bay Area. Hard to believe I've been here a little over a year... Friday was special. Not every set I’ve played has had the amount of mental, physical, and emotional energy in it that was invested that night. Months of anticipation and preparation to dig tracks I felt appropriate, hours of practice, and weekends spent designing and developing the art installations in the room. Music was just one part - I wanted to create an organic and emotive physical environment for the dancers that transformed Public Works into someplace new and unique, and fit the kind of music that Atish, Hoj, and I play, a contrast and respite from some of the harsher, more intense sounds that Maceo Plex was playing downstairs. To that end, I coordinated and constructed an absurd ten foot tall, twelve foot wide tree out of wood, fabric, aluminum wire, and lots of LEDs and fiber optics. It was an insane effort. Add the nerves of playing my first ‘serious’ club gig in SF on a sold out night opening for artists I admire, and you get a sense of what was invested leading UP to the night of… …which brings me to the night itself. Man. It was surreal, new, and simultaneously so familiar. Having friends packing the dance floor early on was a huge boost of energy and confidence to get things started on the right foot. I decided last minute to forgo any more ambitious three / four deck mixing, which i enjoy as a challenge, but felt my attention would be better served focusing on track selection and reading the crowd - so I switched to beatmatching long transitions on CDJs to keep my ear attuned. Six or seven tracks in, I settled into a flow state that lasted until I got off the decks at 1215. At times, I even felt the levity of absurdity up there, like…from a birds eye view, isn’t this kind of a hilarious thing to be doing? What a trip. The vibe in the packed loft was an almost tangible outpouring of love and support. The rest of the night was a blur of dancing and talking with good people. There are many people who deserve gratitude and recognition for being a part of Friday... Michelle, Trip, and Chris, who played a HUGE role in helping design, build, and install the Kodama Spirit Tree installation and the fiber optic accents in the room, dedicating time they really didnt have. Rob, for cranking out some amazing visuals (projection mapping and kodama clips from Princess Mononoke) in a very short time (he worked literally up until the event started.) Skyler, for his continued support and for taking some great shots that night. Many of the Monks of Funk for their help in building the Tree, and of course all of our friends who rocked up early, set the tone on the dance floor, and sent out love (I can hear you guys on the recording, it’s pretty great.) Mana and other dschoolers for coming all the way from Berlin. And last but not least, atish, Hoj, and Peter, for the gracious invite. Thank you all! (Fun fact: I was also born on a Friday the 13th, so that was a good omen.) Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Holunderbaum (Rumpel Mix) Fiord - Interpretations from a Maze of Thought (Original Mix) Locked Groove - Meditations in an Emergency (Clockwork Remix) Nu - Abre (Original Mix) Mark DePulse - Montag Moll (Boe’s Little Cure Edit) Zezfeed, Nothim - Sans Titre (Arapu Edit) Landmark, Einsauszwei - Wrap it Up Shades of Gray - Illusions Kiasmos - Looped Skoork - Sector 78 (Original Mix) Florian Meindl - Deeply Hooked (Oliver Schories Remix) Sam K - Elido (Original Mix) Florian Rietze - Forgive Me (Cosmic Cowboys Remix) Lake People - Escape Velocity (Original Mix) Aquarius Heaven, Hyenah - Tale From the Dirt (Rampa Remix) Einsauszwei - Straight Rise (Original Mix) Sammy, Rills - Is This It (Original Mix)

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3. James Fish - Sweet Dreams

  • Published: 2015-10-21T18:45:54Z
  • By Blimper
James Fish - Sweet Dreams

One of my favorite tracks off of the album "the Dark Side of James Fish", just in time for Halloween.

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4. James Fish - All Night @ No Pants Party (10.1.2015)

James Fish - All Night @ No Pants Party (10.1.2015)

The No Pants Party was a number of firsts - both my first time headlining a club night and my first time playing all night. All told, I played almost six hours straight, and had the privilege of taking a uniquely funky, silly, and sexy crowd of 350+ from jazzy opening grooves through melodic deep and tech house, careening through breakbeat rhythms into a harmonious and cathartic resolution. Without further ado, here’s a 3 hour excerpt from that night. Tracklist: Bela Brandes - Echo Panama (Original Mix) St. Germain - Rose Rouge Nicolai Toma - Up To Day (Original Mix) Atjazz - Fox Tooth (Atjazz Galazy Aart Dub) SIS - Sombra India feat. Eduardo Castillo (Eduardo Castillo Remix) Duererstuben - Sternzeichen Gluehwurm (Original Mix) Ivano Tetelepta - That Deep Shit (Original Mix) SoKool - Getting Closer (Original Mix) Mark Henning - Chicago Sunrise (Afrilounge Back2Basic Mix) 2040 - The Savior (Original Mix) Aki Bergen - History of Soul (Aki Bergen’s Future Jazz Band Edit) Antonio Olivieri - Dynamo (Original Mix) Pablo Bolivar - You Too (Original Mix) Juli Lee - Crickets & Pine (Mirco Niemeier Remix) H.O.S.H. - Camino (Original Mix) Squire - City Cemetery (Original Mix) Mario Aureo & Manuel Moreno - Autumn Bell (Original Mix) Athea - Mind Game (Mario Aureo Remix) Desta - Dreick (Original Mix) Vonda7 - Barryland (Ruede Haegelstein Remix) Marcus Meindhardt - Peach (Original Mix) Philipp Konnert - External Floppy (Original Mix) Lancelot - Mover (Original Mix) Jonas Saalbach, Tschoris - Walking in the Shadow (Original Mix) Multiple - Apollo (Original Mix) Einsauszwei - Fuse (Original Mix) Onur Ozman - In Your Arms (Original Mix) Bicep - Just (Original Mix) James Zabiela - The Healing (James Zabiela’s ’85 Mix) Aya, Ross Evans - Deep Water (Original Mix) Jerry Ropero feat Abigail Bailey - Touch Me (Tom Novy’s Tech Edit 2015) Super Flu & Dortmunder Philharmoniker - Volkwein (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) Marco Effe - Dosha’s Acventure (Original Mix) Onno Ober - Burning the Walls (Original Mix) Ray Okpara - Chi This Wonder Up (Rodriguez Jr Remix) Copy Paste Soul - Voyager (Original Mix) David August - Hamburg Is For Lovers (Original Mix)

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5. James Fish @ Tutu Tuesday, September 2016 (with Lonely Boy)

James Fish @ Tutu Tuesday, September 2016 (with Lonely Boy)

Benjamin Franklin once said there are just three certainties in life: death, taxes, and a badass Tutu Tuesday right after Burning Man. I’m glad to say that 226 years after his passing, we have yet to let him down. As such, I’m happy to share this recording with you of my set that night - pushing a little deeper and a little darker than in tutus past. After this came the oh so lanky, oh so lovely, Lonely Boy himself, who I hope posts his set online since it was a TON of fun :) This is also a great time to announce the launch of Tutu Tuesday’s soundcloud channel ( This has been a loooong time coming as an idea from Carla and me, and we hope it proves to be a fitting repository of funky tutu grooves for years to come. An authentic auditory-anthropological study of Tutu history! Finally, please join us next week with Navid Izadi as we keep Tutu going strong into the fall. Incidentally, it’ll also be my birthday-eve…

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6. James Fish - Never Wanted It To Be Like This

James Fish - Never Wanted It To Be Like This

Song I wrote in 2012...

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7. james fish @ Catacomb of Veils Burning Man 2016 Fundraiser

james fish @ Catacomb of Veils Burning Man 2016 Fundraiser

So much of Burning Man is about the anticipation. The mental and physical effort expended just to get there is part of it - the more you invest in creating something, the more your expectations grow too. I hope you are all taking the time you need to not burn out. I know it’s the last minute, and there’s so much to get done - but it’ll work out, really. Things tend to do that on the Playa. So, take a 2 hour break and go dance it out at that party you said you didn’t have time for. Make dinner - at your own pace. Ask a friend for a massage. You’ll get back to your crafting, building, packing with twice the vigor and make up for the ‘lost time’ - with better mental health to boot. Make sure to pack some good tunes for the long drive! Here’s a recent set I played for the Catacomb of Veils* fundraiser that should be a good soundtrack for that excitement you feel coursing through your veins. I’ve made it accessible for download, so you can save it to your phone and bump it through your Uhaul’s top of the line sound system. Mmm, that sweet, tinny distortion. *(You should definitely check out COV on playa - it’s one of the most ambitious Burning Man projects (aside from Big Imagination’s 747) that I’ve heard of. This massive wooden installation is literally a manmade alteration to the otherwise flat landscape of the Playa - a gradual slope up that then draws you down into a seemingly ‘underground’ complex, in an environment where the feeling of going below the earth is near-impossible to achieve…) I'm glad to be playing a few sets around the Playa - please do not schedule your burn around me (because i don't advocate rigid schedules at my Burn), but if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, here's where you'll catch me: Monday: 5-9PM sunset set b2b with Alex Blackstock at Atlantis (4:30&E) Tuesday: 2-4PM Tutu Tuesday at Short Stack (4:30&D) Wednesday: 11PM-1AM Wednesday Worship with the Monks of Funk in the Dance Church (4:15&A) Thursday: 9PM-1AM SkyFish: The Golden Record Cosmos set on PAVO Art Car in deep playa (starting at Ascension statue moving to Black Rock Observatory) See you at home. )'(

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8. james fish @ Good Room (Brooklyn, NYC) 2.17.17 w/ atish, Brian Cid, bilaliwood

james fish @ Good Room (Brooklyn, NYC) 2.17.17 w/ atish, Brian Cid, bilaliwood

I’m still feeling the glow from my Friday night set at Good Room BK. At some gigs, everything just comes together behind the booth and on the dance floor. This was one of those gigs. While a new city, venue, and audience had me feeling a little nervous, I had a lot going in my favor. I knew my tracks well and had pared down my selection to just the ones I really wanted to play. The floor sounded great - thanks to the Cityfox team, we’d tuned the intimate Bad Room to a nice, punchy sweet spot. Presales were good thanks to Simar’s event management and @atish and @briancid ’s draw. Starting with some funky, flowy house tunes, I navigated deeper with an Aquarius Heaven track (“Universe”) and an old Aki Bergen favorite of mine (“History of Soul”). Things started to gel about halfway through the set, when the room started filling up and I got more of a sense of the crowd’s tastes. By 1AM, I was comfortably in the zone - punchy, groove oriented tracks were landing really well. Archila’s "Woman Power" was probably the highlight of the set in terms of crowd response, so I followed that up with mr. loi’s dance floor stomper "Time of Crime.” I felt pretty good about taking a few risks, so I took a left turn into bass/techno territory with a Walton track “Gunman / Caught in a Trip” (thank you Mickey Pearce, shazam’ed from his set at F8 a few weeks ago 😃 ) Then, it was pretty much the home stretch. Got a lot of enthusiastic feedback on the set, which made me feel really nice! After, bilaliwood took over for 2.5 hours of excellent house jams. Dude has a seriously wide range - you can tell he spends a lot of time digging. My favorite moment was when he dropped in a film dialogue sample over the break of a track, and timed it perfectly so it ended right before the drop. Bilal and I tagged for the last 30 mins or so and had a ton of fun vibing off each other’s selections. Hope he posts his set soon. On the minus side, there were a number of really entitled male (and even female) guests making it hard for some of our friends to safely enjoy their time there. I don’t know whether that’s a NYC thing, or specifically a Good Room thing, but it was a pretty stark contrast from the vibe we generally have at underground dance music events in the Bay Area. It’s pretty simple: don’t touch people without their consent. And, don’t take things that aren’t yours. That’s it! That’s all you have to do to not be an asshole! Many thanks to: Atish and Simar for bringing me on board, the Cityfox crew for making everything sound nice, Maryna for being a great travel partner, and friends (and my parents) for coming out to dance! Tracklist coming soon.

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9. Fishz - James Fish

Fishz - James Fish

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10. James Fish - All Night @ Tutu Tuesday 8 Year Anniversary (5.10.2016)

James Fish - All Night @ Tutu Tuesday 8 Year Anniversary (5.10.2016)

The Tutu Tuesday 8 Year Anniversary was one of those times where everything just…clicked. Zero anxiety, just a feeling of calm confidence and fun. Maybe it’s that my secret pre-gig prep routine worked (it involves a burrito). Or maybe, it’s that I’m five months into this new residency, and I finally feel like I’ve settled into a groove. It's like moving to a new place and finally feeling Home. I don’t know if I’d want every gig I play to last five and a half hours, but the handful of times I’ve done it have been pretty wild. If a residency is a laboratory, a five-hour timeslot is a million dollar research grant. I got to explore a lot of material I’d been dying to play, and even took a few risks that I might not have in a two hour timeslot. When playing a marathon, pacing and planning is half the battle, and the strategy of thinking five or ten tracks ahead becomes a whole new game. I also got to put into practice a lot of the skills I’ve been working on improving, including crowdreading (feeling comfortable enough to look up, engage with the crowd, and make mix decisions based on their energy), phrasing (when to mix in and out), harmonic mixing (selecting tracks that sound good together), and EQing (carving out space in one track to make room for the next.) That I felt comfortable is in no small part thanks to the people - Carla for running the whole show every month with such incredible energy and vision, Cassandra for her talented body art, Galen for the strong work on visuals, and all of the regulars who make Tutu Tuesday so magical. Seeing familiar faces does wonders for that feeling of ‘home,’ especially when they’re the ones who keep dancing until the lights come on. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find another event with such amazing longevity coupled with such a dedicated crowd of regulars. On a Tuesday, no less. So without further ado…here’s a two hour, twenty two minute, and twenty two second segment of the set I played last week. (That’s 2:22:22!) Tracklist: TBA

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11. james fish @ Tutu Tuesday March 2017 (with Tara Brooks)

james fish @ Tutu Tuesday March 2017 (with Tara Brooks)

I got a lot of requests to post this set, and I'm excited to do so! When I think about making my mark as a DJ and setting myself apart in terms of style and selection, I think about mixes like this one. This was the first time I've played in Traktor in a while, and it feels so nice to be back playing in the same software I started in. Traktor, for me, affords a lot more opportunities for creative techniques than I feel I have on CDJs - I often mix 3 and 4 tracks at once, keep in vocal or synth loops, make long slow blends, and layer in subtle (and not-so-subtle) effects over certain elements. With Tara Brooks headlining, I wanted to evoke a certain melodic range from the flowery to the dark, avoiding the funky upbeat house that's generally the mainstay of Tutu Tuesday. I feel I really delivered on this one. Enjoy!

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12. James Fish @ The Midway SF - Permission to Land Open Air (with Oona Dahl, Clarian)

James Fish @ The Midway SF - Permission to Land Open Air (with Oona Dahl, Clarian)

A sunlit afternoon on the back patio at the Midway, with a gorgeous flower-decorated booth and and even more gorgeous Opus sound system. Not a bad way to spend ones summer Sundays. I sincerely enjoyed opening for @oonadahl and @clariannorth, both excellent DJs and artists in their own rights. For this, I brought out a lighter, dreamier side of my collection, and got to explore some stranger tracks I don't get to play out so often. Talking with Clarian afterwards, we agreed that a sparse crowd at the beginning is sort of a blessing in disguise - it's a free-for-all 'playlisting' hour where you get to play what you feel like. I felt like laying on my back and looking up at the that's what I channeled. Clarian followed up with an incredibly wide selection all the way from retro-styled disco tracks like Virginia's 'Funkert,' all the way to spaced out trippy techno, like Aera's 'Odessa Step Sequence,' lighting up the dancefloor and getting the crowd moving in a funky, exuberant way. Later, Öona followed up with a melodic, dreamy, yet still powerful sound, getting the crowd into an evolving and beautiful headspace track after track thanks to her incredibly flawless mixing. I had such an incredibly positive time talking and dancing with people that I couldn't tear myself away from the dancefloor until the end. Sunday open airs really bring out the best kinds of people - the ones who, as my friend put it, don't have the crazy expectations and motivations of a saturday night crowd that feels pressured into 'partying,' but instead are there simply because they truly want to be. I feel these Permission to Land SF open airs fill a very unmet need in the Bay Area, and I'm excited to see what comes next. Thanks to @racheltorro for making this happen.

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13. James Fish @ Tutu Tuesday January 2016 (with Rachel Torro)

James Fish @ Tutu Tuesday January 2016 (with Rachel Torro)

Tracklist below... In advance of next week’s Tutu Tuesday with Mark Slee, I’d love to share my recording from January (opening for Rachel Torro.) I had a fantastic time and got a really enjoyable crowd response playing many of my favorite releases from the tail end of 2015. From smooth and restrained to more vocal, melodic, and upbeat cuts, these are tracks I feel really embody the positive and open spirit of Tutu Tuesday. You can hear it in the mix - it’s an engaged audience for sure. Looking back on this set, I definitely went bigger or more energetic than normally befits an opener; there are moments I felt I should have reined in the energy more to provide our guest with room to maneuver. There are a number of reasons for that - among them, my excitement at the new residency, the new year, and having friends filling the dancefloor bringing their infectious energy and desire to move. That said, as much as it’s tough knowing I could do a better job, it’s also encouraging to know there’s somewhere to improve to. Opening is arguably a more difficult task than headlining for its finesse and calibration, and it’s something I’m glad I have a regular opportunity to work on - every second tuesday of every month. Tracklist: Erykah Badu - Otherside of the game (Buyos Remix) @bela-brandes - Beirut Beige Eda (@yameneda) - Love Worn @brickman - Reborn (@nadjalind Remix) @paul-hazendonk, Hank Achi - Driving Back Samu.l (@samu_l) - Bella Mattina (Pavel Petrov Remix) (@claperc5) @canson - Sweet Memory (@danielzuur Remix) Rhythm and Roots - @matanza - Gallineta Chica @denseandpika - Colt (@george-fitzgerald Remix) @ferreckdawn, @redondo - Never Stop @forrestmusic - Shiny Suit Man @lockwood_music - Let's Talk (Nils Penner Remix) @waziwazimusic Nina Simone - The Ballad of Hollis Brown (@super-flu-de ReDings) @mauriceaymard - Stripped Die @vogelperspektive - Disco Lady @david-dorad - Blind Fish Caro, Tony Casanova (@casanova_tony) - One (@thabo-getsome Remix) @lee-van-dowski - Elle @noraj-cue - Earth In Decay (@robhes Remix)

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14. Sinisteria (Every Day I Dream of Dancing On The Beach, part I - 0300-0345)

Sinisteria (Every Day I Dream of Dancing On The Beach, part I - 0300-0345)

Dark, brooding techno gasps its last breath, subsiding into floating, melancholy minimal. The soundtrack of night making room for the coming day. This was my attempt to create an atmosphere that carried us through the end of that incredible night and into the quiet pre-dawn hours on the beach. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it - the organizers, the music-makers, the dancers, and everyone else. Photo credit: Ilya Polyakov, Skyler Greene, Mariah Bush Tracklist: 0.00 James Ruskin - Excerpt 3 1.11 Orphan Swords - Caim 4.21 Boddika - Heat 6.53 Bambounou - Take It Out On Me 11.37 Terence Fixmer - Bells (Original Mix) 15.13 Alan Fitzpatrick - Skeksis (Original Mix) 18.17 Norman Zube - Fatpoly (Original Mix) 23.33 New Order - Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix - Extended Dub) 29.46 Timmo - Canvas (Original Mix) 33.33 Simian Mobile Disco - Cerulean 37.07 Dave Seaman, Guy Mantzur - K9 (Solee Remix)

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15. James Fish @ Tutu Tuesday Jan 2017 (with R.Fentz)

James Fish @ Tutu Tuesday Jan 2017 (with R.Fentz)

January’s mix is the set I mixed at Tutu Tuesday, recreated as a studio mix (I forgot to turn the recorder on :) ) It’s warm, relaxed, flowy, and deep - at times, an escapism from the wet weather and dark skies, and at times, a reflection of it. At tutu, we had a surprisingly good turnout despite the crazy downpour, which seemed to end abruptly an hour before doors opened. I think people just felt cooped up and wanted to get out of the house and dance with friends. This is the first studio mix I’ve made in quite a while, and I was starting to forget how fun these are. This year, I’d like to set aside more time in the future to prioritize making these. Though this is a recreation of a live set, it’s similar to the structure I like working with in studio mixes - an exploration of my range of musical interests, with some ambience and space bookending the beginning and end. Tracklist: Blue Fields - The Breeze Through The Floor Dinky - Slowly (Radio Slave Remix Version 2) Villete - Dream (Original Mix) Ileas Katelanos - The Cost of Leaving (6884 Remix) Paul Moore - Sunday Delight (Original Mix) black light smoke - Wise Guy (Original Mix) Archila & Hassio - Blue Dream (Original Mix) Avi Subban - Again (Original Mix) Manny Cuevas - M-TRAXXX Anthem 3 featuring PlusDeep Viken Arman - Feels the Winter (Original Mix) Tim Engelhardt - Nightflight (Original Mix) Scott Diaz - Philadelphia (Instrumental) Poppy Roberts, Rosas Nievas - Nearly Lost You Though (Original Mix) Bardo & Salazar - Foxy (Are:Age Lowrider House Mix) Side B - Replace Yourself (Original Mix) Maya Jane Coles - The High Life (Original Mix) Stark + Sahin ft. Lara - The Way (Dub Mix) Forrest, Rowee - Egypt (Kocleo Remix) DkA - Disconected (Original Mix) Nicone, Aquarius Heaven - Real Me (Kid Simius Remix) Just Her - Follow You Down (Yost Remix)

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16. Misteria (Every Day I Dream of Dancing On The Beach, part II - 0430-0515)

Misteria (Every Day I Dream of Dancing On The Beach, part II - 0430-0515)

Dark, brooding techno gasps its last breath, subsiding into floating, melancholy minimal. The soundtrack of night making room for the coming day. This was my attempt to create an atmosphere that carried us through the end of that incredible night and into the quiet pre-dawn hours on the beach. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it - the organizers, the music-makers, the dancers, and everyone else. Photo credit: Ilya Polyakov, Skyler Greene, Mariah Bush Tracklist: 0.00 SCSI-9 - Ellsworth Land (Original Mix) 4.54 Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Holunderbaum (Original Mix) 9.13 Luis Junior - Colache (Original Mix) 15.53 Till Krüger - Deciduous (Original Mix) 20.10 Maya Jane Coles - Something In The Air (Bonobo Remix) 25.03 Fatoumata Diawara - Makoun Oumou 29.02 Gui Boratto - The Verdict 32.49 James Zabiela - The Healing (Original Mix) 37.27 Jon Natchez - Untitled (banjo, Juno-106, lap steel guitar, mandolin, requinto guitar)

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17. Gleitz b2b James Fish – More Twerking!

  • Published: 2017-01-09T23:05:54Z
  • By gleitz
Gleitz b2b James Fish – More Twerking!

Mariah 1:31 - The high priestess Shanza sayeth unto the people: ❝More Twerking!❞ @jamesfish and @gleitz saw all the beats they hath set upon the Lord's tables, and it was very, very good.

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18. Iron and Wine - Boy With A Coin (james fish's edit)

Iron and Wine - Boy With A Coin (james fish's edit)

A remix of one of my favorite Iron and Wine songs. Thanks for listening! - James Produced in Ableton Live 8.

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19. James Fish @ Tutu Tuesday April 2015 (with Nour)

James Fish @ Tutu Tuesday April 2015 (with Nour)

On the eve of its 7th (!) anniversary, I’m pleased to share with you my set from the Tutu Tuesday I played in April alongside the talented Nour. It’s still a fantastic and pretty novel feeling to be sharing with you the kind of music I dream of dancing to, at the very same venues and events I’ve enjoyed so often from the crowd’s side of things. Nothing like having one’s favorite jams pumped through a proper sound system. While wearing a tutu, natch.

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