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1. Fenris Lyrics

Fenris Lyrics

Forget all laws, all order and peace Chaos is everything; no time or place Now when all light and life ends When the wind now is killing The chains has broken... The time has come As the norns predic

4. Secrets Lyrics

Secrets Lyrics

As I walk away, I leave the world behind Behind the shoulder, over the corner of my eye And I'm guilty, oh I know I'm guilty But so is everyone, lies are pretty Do you remember, do you remember when

5. Ordeal Lyrics

Ordeal Lyrics

Your screaming soul, how you have tried to touch me Enfolded like a desert wind Hot dry dust in the flower Push me away Sink down to the bottom with me Your glare to cover me Hold this memory, this p

6. Burst Into Oblivion Lyrics

Burst Into Oblivion Lyrics

The cold spawn Stream of life Fearsome mogul Evoke the storm Mournful servants Spread thou seed Creeping onward Of dirt you'll feed

7. Das Boot (From Darkened Worlds) Lyrics

Das Boot (From Darkened Worlds) Lyrics

My reign sweeps stronger I come from the south A rage unrivaled Becomes our fate Mystic signs of written words They tell of quests unseen Travelling through our different worlds In the voight of sph

8. Chronicle of Kings Lyrics

Chronicle of Kings Lyrics

All Grant us the strength - usurper Bestow the crown - of fury The victors Divine master mundane Let us shudder the earth Sprung under dust filled skies Your will proven stronger Redeemer from afar

9. Suffering Predestined Lyrics

Suffering Predestined Lyrics

Erase the prophecies untold Of a suffering predestined No virtue of law In this chaotic frenzy Once on the throne, Now the end of my reign Desolate thoughts on my future remain Thus weak and bereaved

10. Destroyer of Worlds Lyrics

Destroyer of Worlds Lyrics

Mystic powers control the circle of fear silently the monster dictates its flow to where hope becomes nothing and hate alters everything come forth, bringer of pain and evil and uphold my ring of fir

11. The Blood Opens Gateways Lyrics

The Blood Opens Gateways Lyrics

Into the shadows of the fallen ones led by the virtue to form a thousand suns The slaughter was unseen for eyes not yet groomed to such a display red was the colour of their grief death was the mothe

12. Offerings to the Hunger Lyrics

Offerings to the Hunger Lyrics

Freya hear our calls, mother of all that lives in this sacred forest we gather in your name to plant the seed of prosper and worship thy forgiveness that the sacrifice we make may bring life through d

13. As Wolves They Came Lyrics

As Wolves They Came Lyrics

In a cold remembrance steel thrashes its way the holy relies ending blood spills of a god dethroned The last of men in cloth toil their way into the sea devoured by the greed of Odin the waves run re

14. Jaws of Fenris Lyrics

Jaws of Fenris Lyrics

[TYR] Dark was the future of Aesir Death was the future of all Odin has learned from the Norns Gods would meet end in your jaws So I have been sent by the Father To cease this fate, to bring you

15. Wolfsong in Moonlight (Fenris Unbound) Lyrics

Wolfsong in Moonlight (Fenris Unbound) Lyrics

Child of atrocity - Progeny of Hel Son of maiden fell; Bound in dwarven chain Helpless roar in rage! Time for stars to fall Ragnark's inaugural call! Odin holds the prophecy scroll. Release the beast

17. Blutmondzeit Lyrics

Blutmondzeit Lyrics

Fenris Ruf aus der Tiefe halt Die Erde bebt in Eisenwald Das Zweigestirn am Firmament Der Asen Tod - der Himmel brennt Begehrt das Fleisch der Wolfe reich Das Sonnenlicht und Mond zugleich Erh