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1. Eyes to See Lyrics

Eyes to See Lyrics

She had a hard time sitting still to be in the quiet so she could hear her heart speak She had this longing deep inside her soul that only could be filled by a breath from you She opened her heart to

2. Eyes to See Lyrics

Eyes to See Lyrics

It's all a matter of time until I find you again My life is such a waste Going back and forth Through the thoughts in my head I need to get a grip How can I believe a single word they're saying? I've

3. Hard for Eyes to See Lyrics

Hard for Eyes to See Lyrics

verse1: I know everyone know what your doing to me Just a shot in the dark me with a broken heart Now i'm out on alamb a laughing stock to your friends Say you won; t hurt me again then go and hurt me

4. Eyes to See Lyrics

Eyes to See Lyrics

You don't know what its like to be trapped inside a shell, to be blinded by the darkness and the light as well. You think that you have problems, when with your sight you cannot see, oh why oh god oh

5. Eyes to See, Ears to Hear Lyrics

Eyes to See, Ears to Hear Lyrics

Eyes To See... Ears To Hear Darkness - swallowing all in its path The blind leading the blind and the "flock" is ever confused Who has the gift of healthy sight and mind Who can withstand while the o

6. Quest for Ideal Lyrics

Quest for Ideal Lyrics

The Holy Bible will not give you labyrinth way out In which you seem to be so lost and confused Too speechless to be right and not enough to stay as proud As you were once when you could simply ref

7. Visions Lyrics

Visions Lyrics

Qui habet aurem audiat quid Spiritus dicat ecclesiis World wide sufferings are almost here Signs and pictures drew the picture clear He will set fire Make us all bleeding Try to be wiser Tha

8. Forlorn Lyrics

Forlorn Lyrics

Watch me I’m helpless Nothing’s worth, being insane Blurring, disturbing I have come to my nowhere Hunting me frightening All the memories rising Bleeding and speeding I’m out of your s

9. No More! Lyrics

No More! Lyrics

Can you heal the burning feeling Going under coming out Anger hatred scorn revulsion Tear your common sense apart Jealousy is said to be the offspring of love (A.W. Hare, J. C. Hare, "Guesse

10. Speechless Time Lyrics

Speechless Time Lyrics

Before I leave I'll write a note A perfect prose without a plot About the present and the past About the time that mustn't last The time is streaming like a blood So quickly turning into flood

11. Eyes of Soul Lyrics

Eyes of Soul Lyrics

A Nation Of Past That Believes' in Life After Death Always Making Some Constructions Long Majestic Funeral And Wide Tombstones In a Deeper Lake Ruins Of The Ancient Memories On The Table Of Sacrifice

12. To See My Angel Cry Lyrics

To See My Angel Cry Lyrics

See her there, see her crying she thinks she loves him so She don't know how much it hurts me to hear her beg him not to go If she were mine again I'd never let the tears fill her eyes She don't know

13. My Eyes To See (live Pavilion Stage 2011) Lyrics

My Eyes To See (live Pavilion Stage 2011) Lyrics

Reel in the deciders Beat them senseless with blunt devices Clubs, logs, pool cues Sit down and breathe in, breathe out We'll make a choice within a week Take you out to takeaway Best you don't forge

14. Close My Eyes To See Lyrics

Close My Eyes To See Lyrics

The rain falls over me The river runs to the sea Dream of peace as the way But we wake and fight every day We want to be free from the chains So we leave for more of the same The world goes

15. You Don't Need Eyes to See (Intro) Lyrics

You Don't Need Eyes to See (Intro) Lyrics

Oh, this is not what I had in mind Oh, am I running out of time You don't need eyes to see You just need you heart to let me in It's not that hard to do Just let me hold you Let it a

16. Eyes to the Sky Lyrics

Eyes to the Sky Lyrics


17. Close Your Eyes To See Lyrics

Close Your Eyes To See Lyrics

If you pass away in the wing fortress There's a time divider and a technical team will be At your services for what that matters When the mirror shatters it's harder for me to see If there

19. Eyes Can See... Lyrics

Eyes Can See... Lyrics

Generated of hatred ganetically Wasted creature Development killingly attacked With morbid violence Patiently endured pain And sneering laughs... ...They generated only inside attack! Real madness fi

20. Tend to see Lyrics

Tend to see Lyrics

I was on the telephone it's time to hang it up But I can't bring myself to say goodnight This empty place inside my heart reminds me that we're miles apart Oh Darling how I long to hold you tight